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February update Inventory is still low. Market is solid, but still slow. The Fullerton, CA real estate market is starting to look normal, but with less than 50% of the normal inventory of homes for sale. Even as we speak, the lack of available homes is preventing a market surge. Wishful buyers of homes are having to work hard to get qualified even as the lenders restrictions are softening. Inventory of homes for sale are is extremely low, frustrating buyers with few choices. The lack of property being sold is very wide spread. Buyers are frustrated at the lack of homes for sale, and this causes the buyers to wait. And while difficult to find a home right now, its not impossible, but all parties will need to be motivated. Notice we didnt say desperate, motivated is a better word for it. Sellers are finding that the buyers who are motivated right now are extremely price sensitive after a 2 year run up and despite the low inventory, selling in this market is no walk in the park. Everybody knows the current market will change, the real question is will it get better for sellers or better for buyers? when? and what will interest rates be at that time? Only time will tell, but for those looking to sell Fullerton real estate in 2015, this page will help to follow the market trend. If youre really looking more at buying a Fullerton home, we also recommend our Fullerton Homes For Sale page where you can view all the listings available for sale and use our homefinding tools and local tips. Just call, text, or email us for very fast response. If you just want to quickly browse listings, try the Real Estate Search over to the right to view the full list of homes for sale in the city of Fullerton

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Single Family Homes

New Listings = 54 , yr over yr = (+)17.4%
Pending Sales = 53 , (+)26.2%
Closed Sales = 61 , (-)1.6%
Days on Market Until Sale = 77 , (+)26.2%
Median Sales Price = $537,266 , (-)8.2%
Average Sales Price = $594,071 , (-)12.4%
% of Original Sales Price Received = 96.2% , (-)0.6%
Inventory of Homes For Sale = 141 , (-)23.4%
Months Supply of Inventory = 2.2 , (-)15.4%


New Listings = 11 , yr over yr = (-)59.3%
Pending Sales = 20 , (+)0%
Closed Sales = 21 , (+)0%
Days on Market Until Sale = 55 , (+)34.1%
Median Sales Price = $365,000 , (+)21.7%
Average Sales Price = $365,942 , (+)19%
% of Original Sales Price Received = 97.7% , (-)2.2%
Inventory of Homes For Sale = 42 , (-)44.0%
Months Supply of Inventory = 1.6 , (-)44.8%


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