Todd Foust

Todd Foust - REALTOR

DRE lic # 01488032

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Real Estate Agent
Property Manager


My name is Todd Foust, Im a fairly normal guy and career REALTOR who specializes in real estate sales, leasing, and property management in Orange County and Eastern Los Angeles County. Our team has been a top Centurion level producer (top 5% of all C21 agents) for 5 of the last 7 years.

We think that our services provide clients with excellent value through a constantly evolving combination of experience, education, salesmanship, customer service, marketing, local knowledge, and tech saavy. Were aiming at raising the bar a notch in our industry, by not only committing to superior service or knowledge base, but to the idea of superior value as well. Heres what I mean:

Do you know how when youre shopping for a computer down at the store you either get The Tech Guy who knows everything about computers but has trouble relaying it to get The Friendly and Attentive Salesperson with an apparent lack of expertise? Well that is often what real estate consumers get with an agent.and wed like to fix that!

My Team and I pride ourselves on not only knowing the neighborhoods we sell, the market conditions we work in, and the contracts we negotiate, but also in boiling all that down into a common sense language thats easy to understand. Experience has shown us the right move in most every real estate situtaion, but this is all useless to consumers if we cant translate it well. In short, we are continuously striving to make a complex series of choices; safer, easier, and more profitable for our clients.

Our services usually start well before any sale is made and often continue on years after the deals are closed. Most of our business is from repeat clients, but we welcome new client inquiries and all questions from those interested in our services.